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Hello and welcome to The purpose of this web site is to help people WORLDWIDE, in general aviation, share their love of flying and the expenses of flying as allowed by the FAA. If you are unsure of what you can share see the FAR/AIM Manual section 61-113.

Are you tired of flying alone? Want to share expenses or flying duties? Are you a new pilot with no airplane and want to check out different makes and models? Have you lost your medical? Maybe your plane is down for extensive repairs, or you are restoring or building an airplane or dealing with high fuel prices everywhere. If so, then Pilot  Share The Ride could be what you're looking for. 

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Airport Journals, September 2005
"Cowboy Pilot" by Greg Brown

Enticed by that email, I'm northbound to meet Baldy this crystalline morning. Seligman lies in ranch country up on old Route 66, between Flagstaff and Kingman. To get there, I fly from Phoenix over Prescott and up the Big Chino Wash. With visibility exceeding 100 miles, Mt. Humphreys is my snow-capped signpost for the entire flight. Long before Seligman appears, I divine its location from glinting semi-trucks and a mile-long freight train Interstate 40 and a transcontinental rail line run through the tiny town. I land and join a solitary Piper Tri-Pacer on the ramp. (continue)

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